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Difference between plot and story
Difference between plot and story

Many of us don’t realize that there is a difference between a plot and a story, because we refer to the plot as a story.

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story writing for beginners
How to write a good story

Writing isn’t easy, and writing a good story is even harder. I used to wonder how Pixar came out with such great movies, year after year.

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PhD dissertation writing service uk
How to write a PhD (doctoral) dissertation:

Creating a PhD dissertation is a very difficult and long process that requires great skills, a lot of time, and a good understanding of the faculty program.

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Dissertation Writing Services
Differences & Similarities Between Thesis and Dissertation

If you are in a graduate program or are thinking about continuing your education after you obtain your bachelor’s degree, you might be wondering what the difference between a thesis and a dissertation is.

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Academic writing is very important to learn especially for students. It teaches the student how to think critically and accurately while clearly conveying complex ideas in a well-structured, concise format. These types of writing can be defined in many ways.

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Thesis writing tips
Thesis writing tips for PhD students:

Writing up a PhD can often take place in a frenzy of activity in the last few months of your degree study, after years of hard work. The prospect of sitting down to write your thesis can be intimidating.

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Research Paper Writing
Basic points to write a research paper

Research Project means a discrete scientific endeavour to answer a research question or a set of research questions. A Research Project must include a description of a defined protocol, clearly articulated goal(s), defined methods and outputs, and a defined start and end date.

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Assignment writing
Guide to write an assignment step by step

Writing an assignment is not really a difficult task although some people find it really difficult. If you are the second type of person who gets goosebumps by only listening the word assignment than don’t worry you are in the right place.

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